Christmas Destroyed My Online Business

Full disclosure:  Christmas didn’t exactly destroy my online business forever, but it certainly wreaked havoc on any sales from our website at Christmas. (I didn’t even sell one download of our adorable “Johnny Rock’s Christmas” software matching game.  Why?  because I got caught up in stupid Emerson’s quote once again:  “Rings and jewels are not gifts, but apologies for gifts.  The only true gift is a gift of thyself to others.”  (I even wrote a whole essay on perils of embracing this quote.)

I do applaud my successful sisters who own profitible small online businesses and make enough money to hire help during the “happy” holiday season.  That subset of women, however, doesn’t include me! 

I personally am TOTALLY grateful that Christmas and ALL the holidays are over what with the gift-buying and guests coming, and the cleaning – ohh such cleaning. 

Of course a woman in business is still a woman who, unless she is Michelle Obama or a “Madame Secretary” type still feels it is her god-given duty to make memories for the family.  So we set aside our blogging and our tweeting (under four different names), and sending out Constant Contact lovely emails to customers to vacuum the floor and clear off our desktop while rushing to bake Pecan Fingers to send back East or West or wherever. I even sewed back the arms and legs of a doll I had made for my daughter some 30 years ago and updated her little doll outfit so that my now adult daughter would have a warm and wonderful feeling at Christmas. 
Meanwhile, I didn’t blog, I didn’t write the essay I wanted about our software, I didn’t tweet, I didn’t call School Specialty Catalog where we used to sell our software to present my children’s book, “Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy” in print form. I didn’t do the press release I was going to. All in all, I spent two weeks doing stuff I used to do when I was working merely 8 to 5 in a real job that paid me real money.  
New Year’s Resolution for Women in Small Online Businesses